What MOST Coaches Don’t Tell

You About Your Mind


Why These 2 Skills Are What You

Need To Become A Productive

Business Warrior

It cost me 11 years of my life and thousands of dollars to figure this out.

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If you want to ridiculously increase your productivity, boost your income, and finally feel appreciated and respected for all the work and stress you’re putting in your life and business…


This is the most important webinar you’ll ever watch.


Here’s why:


My name is Tommy Walker and I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 21 years.


The truth is - for the first 11 years, I sucked.


My business was a constant struggle.


I was desperately trying to find clients. I was not sleeping well, felt very unhealthy and my life was a constant fight.


A fight with myself and my own environment.


I could barely find time to spend with my family and friends.

I had practically forgotten what practicing my hobby - rock climbing, skiing, having fun in life - felt like.

Grinding and hustling, yet very little to show for it.


My family and friends couldn’t understand why I was working so hard and not achieving much progress.


The money was always the same - dry and painful. And the free time was non-existent.

I was constantly stressed out.


Every night, I felt beaten down. And every morning, I continued digging in the same hole.


Until one day, after 11 years of constant struggle, I hired my mentor /coach, who taught me these “insane ideas”.

A change in how I thought - that allowed me to not only boost my productivity but also considerably reduce the time I had to work to make the same amount of money.

Instead of going back and forth in my own head and working for months to achieve a small goal, now I could achieve the same goal in a matter of days or weeks.


People thought I was going mad. My own friends thought that this idea originated from some “voodoo” magic trick.


I did not listen to their conspiracy because I didn’t have much to lose and a lot to gain (and learn).

By working with my mentor / coach, she taught me this secret thinking system.


Everything changed from then on.


My productivity exploded, I could reach my own goals much faster and best of all, I wasn’t constantly stressing out and not being able to sleep properly or spend fun time with my family.


The thing is, I haven’t just used this crazy idea to boost my own productivity and business.


I’ve literally taught this thinking system in thousands of people, over 10+ years, since I was taught it.

With one of my businesses doing +7 figures and my other business going up to 6 figures, my life just changed.


You’re probably wondering - why is this still relevant today after 10 years?

Because every client I’ve had in the past 10+ years was fighting with similar struggles that I had back then.


And all these struggles originate from one source - one problem.


The mindset.

You see, there are a lot of mindset coaches out there. Sometimes business and life coaches too, consulting their clients about things like…

●    How to become less stressful

●    How to stop procrastinating

●    How to become more productive


But what MOST of them miss, is the root of the problem.


It’s all nice and good to have checklists and tools that automate things for you so you can focus on your more important tasks.


But why is it that most of these people, maybe you too if you’ve ever attended a coaching experience, still struggle with their mindset?


If you are still:

●    Struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression over your business

●    Struggling with procrastination

●    Struggling with perfectionism

●    Feeling you’re not earning the income you deserve even though you’re spending countless hours working on your business

●    Feeling unappreciated, undeserved and a small fish within your family or your industry


Then you’re still facing the same root of the problem - regardless if you’ve ever had a coaching or therapy experience before.


Clearly, the root of the problem was never resolved to begin with.


Because even if you managed to solve that business issue or that family issue that you had with a coach, you’re still struggling with new similar issues today right?

If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this.


You would be full-on 100% productive, living a healthy loving life and seeing your business scale and grow to 6-figures, 7-figures, and beyond.


The truth is - despite what your family and friends may think - it’s NOT your fault.


Most coaches either do not know about this human thinking system - or they have no idea how to teach it properly.


And like I said, this isn’t some voodoo magic trick.


It’s not a quick fix, take a vitamin or sleeping pill, and off you go, either.


No, no, no, none of that crap.


This is about the human brain - how you and I are formed - and how we think.

Most importantly: It’s about our subconscious mind and how it can either work for us, or against us.


Here’s exactly why this FREE Webinar will unleash your entrepreneurial mindset to a level you can only dream of:


✅ How to avoid being driven away from your goals by your own mindset, how to stop struggling in both your life & business, and how to stop the negative stories in your subconscious mind from automating you for failure - to take control of them and change them to your advantage to work FOR you and NOT against you.


✅ The human's simplest way to double your income, your productivity AND your happiness without working more hours, taking magic vitamin pills or giving up on your hobbies.


✅ How to reprogram your subconscious mind - so that you can achieve your daily goals much faster.


✅ How to identify the negative stories in your mind on command - and transform them to positive stories to prevent procrastination and overthinking.


✅ The #2 skills you must have to become a highly-respected, 6-figure and above entrepreneurial catalyst without the shackles of anything that's holding you back right now. Hint: It's not about having large successful teams. It's not about sleeping 3hrs a day or working 100hrs a week. It's about being damn good at these two skills.


✅ What makes anyone automatically productive - and how you can use this to reshape your team and organization so they become productive like you.


✅ The secret that transformed my life to a happier and more purposeful life - after 11 years of continuous business struggles.

✅ And much, much more.




This FREE webinar is NOT for you if:


❌  You’re looking for a quick-fix, 10 minutes transformation


❌ You think that watching this webinar, without taking action on your mindset, is all you need to do to scale your life and your business.

And, unlike many webinars out there, this is NOT:

❌ Some sleazy sales trick where I’ll be spending 30 minutes talking about why you should be paying for some other $3000 course


❌ A theory lecture without actionable items that you can use today to start changing your life and business into a productive ninja

❌ A trick where I capture your credit card details and enrol you into some monthly program you were never aware of.

In fact, at the very end of the webinar, I will only be making you another free offer - which you’re NOT obligated to take - to a guidance call with me if you’re interested in working with me.


Even if you don’t or you’re not interested - you will find this thinking strategy extremely useful for you and can immediately start using it in your business and your life.


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This is me, Tommy.

I have been an entrepreneur for 21+ years and have focused specifically on mindset for the past 10+ years.

I have helped over 15,000 people discover their path to a better version of themselves, by tweaking their mindset by being invited to over 10 conferences around the United States, Argentina, The Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, and online conferences.


I have coached over 70 people in the past years to undo their shackles, let go of the struggling past, and unleashing their mindset to give more to the world and get more in return.

Enough about me, here’s what they say:

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If you are ready to change your mindset so it works FOR you and NOT against you, like Gareth and Megan and the others above, here’s what to do:

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