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My name is Tommy Walker and I have specialized in this area for more than 10 years. I've been invited to share this project at conferences in the United States, Argentina, The Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

I worked many years in emergency care, facing many challenging situations including life and death, and being able to learn the correct way to work with my mind to overcome these challenging situations and getting rid of their negative self-talk.

​By working on training and reprogramming the mind you will be able to notice changes in your life in the short term. We assure you that your life will change if you start applying the tools we share.

These programs in your subconscious mind trigger negative thoughts and emotions that lead to a negative mindset, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, and not being able to achieve and manifest what you want.


Through models and teachings that we have learned since childhood, we have many limitations, a lot of self-judgment and self-criticism, and negative thoughts.

When you train and reprogram our mind you will start to question many of these old models, learnings, false beliefs, create new ones and be able to handle the challenging situations you encounter on a daily basis and achieve more of what you want.

Stop holding yourself back, and live the life by design.

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What some people say about our work:

Nearly all of these testimonials were written by people that have worked with me for less than a month. They started seeing changes very fast.

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