Inner Child Healing Therapy?

Developing your connection with your Inner Child

The general idea is that we all have a child aspect inside our unconscious mind.  It is said that it is in the unconscious mind because we do not know it’s there.

Through inner child healing, the child can be brought to the conscious, understand his feelings and healed.

When we don’t acknowledge our inner child, he can take control when we face a challenge.  From the outside they see us "acting like a child", or it can lead to anger, frustration, self-pity, etc.
By bringing the child to our conscious mind, we can acknowledge those traumas, false beliefs, limitations, that do not allow us to act in the way we would like.
We have many traumas, and all of them limit ourselves.
By healing these inner children, we can lead a happier life, make better decisions, be more self-aware, stop limiting ourselves, and free our true potential.
All this material is based on authors such as Dr. Margaret Paul, Counselor John Bradshaw, Dr. Alice Miller, Dr. Eric Berne, Dr. Carl Jung, Dr. Peter Levine, and Dr. Carl Rogers.

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