Full Training Package

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Full Training Package:

✅ One call, 1 on 1 with me, for 45 minutes to guide you in any area in your life / business that you might be stuck.

      Regular price us$150

✅ The complete Train and Reprogram Your Mind For Success Workbook, full of information and tools that will help you start transforming your life. 
This also includes the guide to identify your own blocks around money, success, and love. 

      Regular us$47


✅ Access to the 8-week Mastermind Workshop recordings, 8 hours of pure value.

      Regular price us$97

Access to written and video material with more information to start shifting your mind.

      Regular price us$47

✅ My Business Whatsapp to send me questions, valid for a month. 

      Regular price us$97

Nearly us$440 of benefits, but at this time at 88% OFF.

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