Plan: Advance in My Transformation

This plan seeks to give people the opportunity to continue advancing in their path of self-discovery and transformation.

When you apply for this plan, you get a discount to pay in advance.

This plan includes:

1 Individual session for 60 minutes - 1 per week , during 2 months = 8 sessions in total.

Access to 1 online seminar.

Valid for 2 months.

Time and Date:

To be arranged between you and the Coach / Therapist.

Session Type:

You pick the topic you would like to cover.

us$ 690.

Information to Sign Up:


Step 1 - To sign up, you have to fill out the form found underneath and then proceed to pay. 



Step 2 - After filling out the form, you can go ahead and make the payment.


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Benefits Disclaimer

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