Program Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply for the Program, Unleashing Your Mindset For Success.

I understand that the payment I am making is for the program, once finished, extra sessions have to be paid extra.

I understand that I will be sent some material previous to the session, to complete or listen, to prepare for the session. 

I understand that once a session is scheduled and confirmed, in case I don't attend physically or online, I must inform this in advance or I will lose the session.

Rules for the program sessions: Notifying 72 hours before the scheduled session, the session is not lost; Notifying 48 hours before the scheduled session, to get that session you need to pay 50% of the cost of a session; and notifying 24 hours or less, before the scheduled session, the session is lost.

There will not be reimbursements.


I understand that by confirming and paying to participate in the programs, in case I don't attend, there will be no refund.


I understand that once the session schedule has been agreed upon, in case I arrive late, the time cannot be changed. I understand that it is my responsibility to arrive on time, or else I may lose part of the session or the entire session. This is valid for face-to-face or online sessions.


I understand that when I confirm and pay the program, there will be no refund of any kind.

I understand that the programs do not guarantee transformations in my life or business, the changes depend on me only. The sessions, seminars, courses or programs will give me tools, which I must put into practice to achieve changes.

I understand that such information, including videos, can not be downloaded from the internet, and videos, documents, cannot be shared with any person, and I may have legal problems by doing so.

I understand that all the didactic material used is by Tommy Walker is protected under the copyright law. It is forbidden to reproduce, photocopy or distribute any material. Using the material to offer sessions, lectures, seminars or training is not allowed.

I understand that the coaching and consulting emails included in the program should be about 1 specific subject. I understand that I have 1 email weekly to send about 1 specific subject.

I understand that any payment made over the internet or phone for any of the Programs, will not be refund.

I understand that I might be asked to send a picture ID to confirm my identity, to participate in any of the seminars or courses.