Mindset, Stress Management, Resilience and Prevention - Projects

Accomplishing this through Personal & Professional Development, and Tranformation

Your Mindset can bring your closer to success or for failure.

Having the correct mindset and keeping it positive is the key, to succeed in life and work.

But why is it that a lot of people have trouble having the correct mindset?

Since childhood, and growing up, we are taught many things that make us think we are not recognized, accepted or special.

Many people struggle daily trying to keep a positive mindset, but they find it very hard.

On the other hand, we haven't been taught how to deal with stress, so when we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we get stress out and that leads to a negative mindset.


A negative Mindset limits each individual.

Having the correct tools can help dealing with stress, and keeping a positive mindset.


Tommy has +15 years working in EMS and teaching emergency care training courses. He has seen many people with high levels of stress, that can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD. He found that many of these people had a negative mindset about their life and work.

We started studying about stress and PTSD, to see if we could find better ways to deal with stress so it doesn't affect people in a negative way, and prevent a negative mindset.

Four years ago, we started finding answers to our questions when we started studying Humanistic Psychology. It was when we focused on the risk factors that lead to high level of stress and PTSD, we realized that we were doing things the wrong way.

We need to start changing the way we see ourselves, and learning tools to be able to cope with the feelings we have.

We cannot change the things we see in our life or work,

but we can change how we react to what we see or experience.


Our passion is to help you empower yourself, and transform your life.

We offer programs and seminars to help people develop the correct tools to deal better with stress and unleash their mindset from negative and self limiting beliefs.

These programs and seminars are offered both in English and Spanish, and the seminars can be offered at your location.


We have been invited to offer these lectures and seminars in:
- EMS world Americas, Colombia - September 2017
- Northville, Michigan USA - Junio 2018
- Aeropuerto de Osorno, Chile - July 2018
- Bomberos de Puerto Montt - July 2018
- VI Expo Congreso Bomberos, Saltillo, Mexico - July 2018
- Reserva San Lorenzo, Saltillo, Mexico - July 2018
- Municipio de Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina - September 2018.
- EMS world Americas, Queretaro, Mexico - September 2018.

- Firefighters of Llanquihue, Chile - October 2018.

- Condor Police Base, Mendoza - October 2018.

- 3rd Mountain Medicine Seminar from Cerro Arriba, Osorno - Chile - December 2018.
- Euca, San Rafael, Mendoza - December 2018.
- Volunteer Firefighters Salto Las Rosas, Mendoza - December 2018.

- Capital Federal, Argentina - 2nd of February 2019. 6hs seminar. 
- Pittsburgh, USA - February 2019. 26th Annual NCEMSF Conference.
- Caribbean - March 2019. International Conference on Disaster Medicine and Hurricane Resiliency.

- Capital Federal, Argentina - May 2019. 6hs seminar. 

- Malargue, Mendoza, Argentina - October 2019. 6hs seminar.

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