Live Mastermind Class - 2 hours of Mind Shifting Insight


Bonus 1: One session 1 on 1 of 60 minutes, Shifting your Mind

Bonus 2: Access to more material (written and videos) to start shifting your mind.

50% of the money will go to people that are struggling in these difficult times

Have you tried many things to make changes in your life, but nothing seems to work?

Want to learn more about your mind potential?

Come join me so I can share with you the correct tools to start getting the
garbage out of your head fast, effectively and permanently

​These tools have changed the lives of thousands around the world...

Training and Reprogramming the Mind is the new way to make big changes in your life, get rid of old habits and start creating new ones.

This is the path that will Unleash Your From Negative, Limiting and False Beliefs that are holding you back, old habits that prevent you from accomplishing more in your life.

The Train and Reprogram Method™ is for you if you are looking to gain more clarity, focus, and get rid of what is holding you back from achieving the things you want in your life.
(I am going to share some of the tools I use in the onsite workshops to help people go from playing it small to becoming unstoppable)

Are you:
❌ Playing it small, procrastinating, becoming overwhelmed, with high levels of stress.

❌ Holding yourself back but don't know why.

❌ Struggling to take massive actions in your life or business.

❌ Living in "second-guessing" mode, having self-doubt, waiting to have everything perfect to move forward, in gathering information mode.

I will share some tools to:
✅ Learn how to prime your morning to set a positive mindset.

✅ Learn some tools to self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Getting to know yourself, your true personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations, and emotions.

✅ Learn some tools to be able to identify the negative stories that are getting in the way of your progress.

✅ Learn some tools to work towards overcoming overwhelm, procrastination, self-doubt, and gain clarity and focus.

✅ Learn some tools to start working towards taking massive actions and becoming unstoppable.


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Never presented this way...

My name is Tommy Walker and I have specialized in this area for more than 10 years. I've been invited to share this project at conferences in the United States, Argentina, the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

I worked many years in emergency care, facing many challenging situations including life and death, and being able to learn the correct way to work with my mind to overcome these challenging situations.

​By working on training and reprogramming the mind you will be able to notice changes in your life in the short term. We assure you that your life will change if you start applying some of the tools we share.

With this course we will explain why you get a negative mindset, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, and how to start changing this.

Through models and teachings that we have learned since childhood and throughout life, we have learned to handle stress negatively. We have many limitations, a lot of self-judgment and self-criticism, and negative thoughts, following these old models and learnings, which make us have a negative mindset.

When you train and reprogram our mind you will start to question many of these old models, learnings, false beliefs, to be able to handle the challenging situations you encounter on a daily basis, and keep a positive mindset.

It will be recorded for people that cannot make it Live but still want to see the recorded training.

And you get to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Now, I want to make something clear…

My invitation today is NOT for people that are:
❌ Stuck in “information gathering” mode and are not prepared to take action.

❌ People not willing to open their minds, question old beliefs and learnings.

This is NOT FREE (The investment is very low, so as to be able to help you take the first step, and with your money, help those in need)

⚠️With that said, there are only limited spots.

Are you ready? 

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Date and Time:

Wednesday 25 of March at 7pm EST. 

Invest in yourself while helping others that are struggling. 


80% of the money will go to people in my network that are struggling in these difficult times (quarantined, lost job, can't pay bills, etc.)


This is normally us$397, Now for a limited time only us$ 79

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