12 Steps to Successfully Deal with Stress 

These Steps have Transformed Hundreds of Lives

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I started working in emergency care in 2003, have been an entrepreneur for the past 15 years and I am a father of 2 boys, so I know about stress.

I know what I am talking about...

Stress could have destroyed my work and marriage if I didn't have the correct tools.


These 12 steps are an important part in my life, but still a small part. Many of our reactions that cause stress come from our unconscious mind, so we need to dive in there to identify and change them, so we can reduce the levels of stress and prevent it from affecting us in a negative way.


There is much more to dealing with stress, which I cover in the Stress Management and Resilience Program.

Join my Stress Management and Resilience Program where I will personally coach you and work with you to help you develop a clear strategy on how to deal with stress, so it won’t affect you in a negative way.

You will start seeing changes in a matter of weeks, if you practice the techniques I wull share with you.
Don’t wait till your body develops health related problems, take action before it is too late.

Schedule a 25 minutes Complementary Break Through Session Call:

On our call, we can cover a few things:
1. Get an idea of where you are, where you want to be, and how is stress affecting you.
2. Map out a strategy that will be the most effective for you to reach your goals so that you know WHAT to do.
3. Ensure that you have clarity and value.
4. Help you decide the NEXT step.

What people say about what I do:

Jeremy Leisky:
Just did my first session with Tommy. Great insight and he gave me some fantastic exercises to help me move forward. I highly recommend talking with this man.

Dr Roge:
Excellent. Not only did it help me learn more tools to deal with stress, it was a walk through the different phases and choices I took to do this type of work that I love so much, but this work also crosses tedium and pain very closely.

It reminded me of the most intimate motives for which I chose my path and many times I lost sight of it because of different circumstances. Taken with an impeccable psychological professionalism of someone like Tommy who works in a similar line of work, he understands it and lives it as he transmits it.

I have read about Stress Management and PTSD prevention, but Tommy is excellent, since he talks about his own experiences.

It was very intense. It was important to remove many barriers that one tends to have, being an intense care doctor and a doctor in Aconcagua, to deepen and rediscover why I decided this work initially and for pure vocation. And from there take the tools that we have learnt. THANK YOU !

It was a walk through pain and death and ended up dusting the cute part of this, often covered by routine. THANKS.

Alan H.:

Excellent and needed. Tommy has great insite and knowledge on the subject. Finally someone is addressing the problem before PTSD becomes a reality.​

Dr. Abramor:

I found this was excellent. The way it was offered by Tommy, and all the tools that I was able to take with me.
All of us that work in Urban or Wilderness emergency care, have gone through high stressful situations, but nobody has taught us before how to deal with them.
I recommend this 100%, it offers great tools to take care of ourselves and others.​

Mauro Cerva:

I want to thank Tommy Walker for this. The foundations of the stress management and prevention of post-traumatic stress allow us to move forward both in our beautiful profession and in our lives. I hope to transmit the human warmth and professionalism that you showed me.
Once again, thank you very much for teaching me your knowledge. I hope to see you again.

Sebastian Barrientos:

The training was very useful, it gives you another perspective, it offers tools to learn how to deal with different stressful situations. It opens your mind. Thanks.

Schedule a 25 minutes Complementary Break Through Session Call: