Stress Management in Decision Making

Personal Experience

One of my big problems many years ago, was that when I had to make decisions under stress, I didn't always make the right call.

That caused me to loose some great opportunities, and that prevented by business from growing.
This led me to several negative feelings which I tried to ignore and cover up with others stuff, like working more and harder, buying things I didn’t need, mood changes, etc.
We all have our ways of numbing the pain we are feeling…

Yes… we have to be honest with ourselves, nobody is judging you right now.

I found myself losing the passion for my business and questioning me if it was the right decision.
Some people around me ask me if it wasn’t time to quite and go back to a “real job”. That it wasn’t worth the fight.
For several years, I used to think that I couldn’t do better… that I wasn’t good enough.

A long the way, I signed up for a personal development and self awareness training, where I started finding many self-limiting ideas, false beliefs, bad habits that where just putting me down.

I found that I was my worst enemy.


Some time ago I was offered another big investment opportunity to make the business grow.
It was a great opportunity; I was looking into that investment for a while. It was a lot of money, and I was a little worried I wasn’t going to be able to make enough money to give the loan back on time.
Got into a call with the person I was going to invest with, to make my business grow, and I felt deep inside, it was the correct choice.
My gut sense was confirming it.
When I hang up the phone and started looking for a loan to be able to move forward.
Confirmed the loan, and as soon as I did the first payment, and hanged up the phone my world collapsed.


I was overwhelmed by fear, my levels of stress just skyrocketed. I felt:
-    Emotional shock.
-    Sadness.
-    I wasn’t going to be able to do it.
-    My gut was wrong, and that this feeling was right. (scared)

Was going to call back and ask for the money and cancel the investment.

But….. but… 

It them came to my mind what I had learnt at the personal development and self awareness training.
Started practicing a couple of the things I had learnt. 
Was able to get it together, but in a positive way.
Started acknowledging my emotions, learning from them.
Did some of the stress management exercises, and I was back in the game.
I realized that by calling and asking for my money back, because I was REALLY scared, was just my way of running away from the problem, instead of facing it.

I am now very grateful about the investment I made, it got me out of my comfort zone, and I have learnt a lot, my life has changed for the decision I made.
Sometimes we think “bad” things happen to us, but they are actually great learning experiences once we get passed the “bad emotions / feelings”.
If we can learn how to work with those “bad” feelings, we will do greater things with our life, business, etc.

Think back. When was the last time you had a big change in your life, a positive one?
Was it while having your coffee relaxed on the couch, or was it when you were so scared you just wanted to run away?

Next time you want to run away, remember it’s a “protective” mechanism and past that moment, GREAT things can happen in your life.

Hope this helps, to any who is struggling with decision making.